About Harvard Dental

What is Harvard?

  • German Engineered
  • High Quality
  • High Performance
  • Dental Products

Harvard dental company is a German manufacturer of high quality, reliable, dental materials. Harvard has been adding products and producing its dental materials from German factories since 1892. Today, there is a full range of restorative dental products available all developed following the following the founders principles of developing and testing formulas until the desired reliability and quality is achieved. The latest development is Harvard UltraFill and UltraFill Flow for the ultimate universal opacity restorations.

In 1892 Robert Richter DDS, founded Harvard. Born in Berlin in 1856, Dr. Richter moved to the United States to study dentistry at the Maryland University School of Dentistry. He later settled in Philadelphia and practiced dentistry. Sometime later he moved back to Germany and began intensive work to develop a luting and filling material. After many trials, Dr. Richter finally achieved the first reliable luting cement. Since everything at this time coming from the United States had a solid reputation, Dr Richter decided on “Harvard Cement”.

Today, Harvard uses only premium ingredients in its formulations and never substitutes a cheaper alternative. Harvards chemists insist on this in order to maintain consistent product performance, batch to batch, patient to patient. Many manufacturers change ingredient suppliers to increase profits, Harvard does not. Harvard’s chemists will never sacrifice the products performance or yours.

Harvard dental products are now available in the United States through Able Dental and select dealers. Try some German Engineering today!!

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